Libri di Andrea Cucchiarelli - libri Aevum Antiquum Vita e Pensiero

Andrea Cucchiarelli

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Orazio e l’irrazionale: dèi e divinità nel vate augusteo digital
Anno: 2020
Horace is commonly considered to be close to Epicurean thought and, therefore, skeptical when it comes to the ultimate validity of traditional religion. However, a more thorough investigation of Horace’s philosophical education, in relation to the distinction between hexametrical sermo and lyrical carmen as literary forms, allows us to observe the actual presence of the ‘irrational’ and the divine in Horace...
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Come Orazio a Tivoli, ma senza pensieri (Stazio, silv. I 3) digital
Anno: 2018
In silv. I 3, in order to describe the villa of Manilius Vopiscus at Tibur, Statius makes use of a particular compositional technique, typical of the Silvae, by pressing to the fore and developing certain themes and recurrent motifs through repetitions with variations. A preeminent function of these repetitions is to evoke Horatian memories that become ever clearer as the poem progresses...
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Elogio con variazione. Improvvisazione e tecnica compositiva nelle Silvae di Stazio digital
Anno: 2017
In the prefaces to the individual books of the Silvae, Statius asks to be forgiven for the boldness of his compositions, which he claims to have been written in one go and very quickly.
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