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Andrea Rodighiero

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L’attore tragico: suoni, voci e parole digital
Anno: 2017
How does the tragic actor’s voice work in the theatrical space? This paper aims to focus on some episodes – narrated in the ancient sources – concerning the vocal performance.
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«Le dieu qui se prétend le Père»: lettura del Prométhée enchaîné di Henry Bauchau digital
Anno: 2012
The paper aims to explore and analyze Henry Bauchau’s Prométhée enchaîné. This ‘free adaptation’ of the ancient drama was first performed in 1998, and it constitutes an interesting chapter of contemporary rewritings of the Promethean myth. In the first part of the essay the modern text is compared with the stylistic and formal structure of the Greek drama: metrically uniform in lyric parts (but far from the variety of the model), it perfectly follows the plot’s development of the ancient text...
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