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Sergio Casali

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Notizie da Nestore in Ovidio, Heroides I 25-38 digital
Anno: 2017
While it is well known that Ovid’s Penelope repeatedly gives a distorted account of the ‘facts’ of the Odyssey, and of the Iliad as well, it has gone unnoticed her manipulation of the information she received from Nestor, through Telemachus, about the returns of the Greek leaders: in her account, the ‘Argolic leaders’ return home amongst festive sacrifices, and are welcomed by their spouses, who hang upon their lips and, during banquets, hear their stories about the Trojan war.
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Ovidio su sé stesso: autobiografia e carriera poetica in Tristia IV 10 e altrove digital
Anno: 2016
In his autobiographical poem, Tristia IV 10, Ovid reviews his poetic career from the perspective of his exile. Quite strangely, however, he makes no reference at all to his major works, the Medea, the Fasti, and the Metamorphoses (only recalled through allusion at line 129). He presents himself as tenerorum lusor Amorum (echoing both his ‘epitaph’, trist. III 3, 73, and am. III 15, 1), and keeps making reference both explicitly and through allusions only to his amatory works...
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