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Pierre Chiron

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Quelques observations sur un intraduisible célèbre (epieikes, epieikeia) digital Quelques observations sur un intraduisible célèbre (epieikes, epieikeia)
Anno: 2009
In this paper we examine again, after many others, the meaning of a key-word in the ethico-political greek thought : epieikes, epieikeia. Philosophical, legal aspects are now well investigated, but there is still food for thought about rhetorical values of the term. We remind first the enlightening role of a well known episode of Homer’s Iliad (XXIII, 362 sq.). We then show how this episode supports Francesca Piazza’s overview : the originality of epieikeia lies in its paradoxical nature, combining a sort of violation of the law with kindness. Its legitimacy comes only from the adaptation of the orator to the circumstance and to the audience. We finally examine a passage of the Rhetoric to Alexander and analyze the link between epieikeia and eikos (likelihood, acceptability) and sumpheron (common interest).
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