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Andrea Lorenzo Covini

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L’Artemide ‘dei cervi’ e ‘dell’Alfeo’ in Elide digital L’Artemide ‘dei cervi’ e ‘dell’Alfeo’ in Elide
Anno: 11/2016
According to Pausanias (VI 22, 8-11), Artemis was worshipped in Elis with, among others, the epithets Ἀλφιαία (Letrinoi) and Ἐλαφιαία: the former would be based on the river name Ἀλφε(ι)ός/Ἀλφιός, the latter on ἔλαφος ‘deer’. Some formal variants of both epithets are transmitted by other sources, namely Ἐλαφία, Ἀλφειονία, Ἀλφειοῦσα (Strab.), Ἀλφειῶσα (Athen.), Ἀλφειώα (Schol. in Pind.)...
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