Libri di Luca Graverini - libri Aevum Antiquum Vita e Pensiero

Luca Graverini

Titoli dell'autore

Dall’epica al romanzo. Achille Tazio e l’Iliade digital
Formato: Articolo | AEVUM ANTIQUUM - 2020 - 20
Anno: 2020
Achilles Tatius’ Leukippe and Kleitophon quotes Homer less frequently than other Greek novels, but it often refers to the epic tradition in a subtle and sophisticated way. A few intertexts suggest that gender issues (such as role exchanges between men and women) and cultural mediations (other texts, literary genres, or figurative arts providing a bridge between epic and the novel) are important elements in the evolution of an epic hero into a novelistic character...
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